Also known as Gladhands, Glad-hand Connectors, Hose Coupling with build in Automatic Shut Off Valve and Yellow Dust Cover. 1/2″ BSP thread.

These gladhands or palm coupling are different from normal standard ones as they have a special automatic shut off feature which is good for emergencies and other uses.

The purpose of these connectors is to act as an interlocking hose coupling to supply pressured air from heavy vehicles such as trucks and trailers. They are used in Singapore and worldwide. These pressurised air help to control the air brakes on these heavy vehicles so that they can stop and brake while in motion.

These Automatic Shut Off Palm Coupling 1/2 Inch BSP comes in Yellow but we also have them in Red.
Please click on the link below for Automatic Shut Off Palm Coupling 1/2 Inch BSP Red

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We do import and export of these automatic shut off palm couplings to countries in Asia and South East Asia.