Yong Sheng Auto is a leading supplier and distributor for heavy commercial vehicle spare parts and accessories in Singapore. The company carries a wide range of electrical, pneumatic and mechanical parts for lorries, container trailers and prime mover trucks from OEMs and aftermarket sources.

Yong Sheng Auto’s humble roots began even before the formation of the company in 1960. Our founders, they ran a small provision shop as well as a transportation service company to cater to the needs of our local construction workers during the 60s. The transportation business started off with only one lorry but within a couple of years, the brothers had managed to end up with a fleet of 14 lorries. 

However, in the late 60s, traffic regulations began to tighten in Singapore which resulted in stricter vehicle inspection criteria. This had a great impact on the company’s operations as most lorries in those days were mostly not up to the Singapore Land Transport Authority standards. Without the approval from the authority, the brothers could not utilise their lorries for the business.

Left without any other means to sustain the business, the brothers soon found luck. Through a meeting with a foreign importer from Europe, the brothers were offered a chance to purchase second-hand BEDFORD lorries from overseas. Jumping at the opportunity, they began refurbishing used lorries and started a new second-hand lorry sales and automobile repair workshop business under the name of Yong Sheng Trading and Transport Company.  

In 1972, the brothers saw another opportunity to expand the business when they saw an increasing need for spare parts for these vehicles. They began expanding Yong Sheng Auto’s range of spare parts and services to cater to them. Yong Sheng Auto had always strived to be a pioneer in the heavy commercial vehicle spare part industry and strongly believed in providing the highest quality products and services to all our existing and potential clients.


We aim to be a leading brand brand in providing innovative products for all our clients.


We are the trusted partner to all our clients to achieve maximum product application and usage, with confidence and simplicity.


Brands We Carry

Here at Yong Sheng Auto, we only work with the best brands from around the world to give our clients the best price and widest selection for all trucking spare parts and accessories